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Dates: July 9th - August 6th

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At The Vanguard School's Summer Camp, "Real Life...Real Skills", students in grades 6-12 with learning differences will learn real world academics and independent living skills. They will be immersed in academics that make sense in real life situations, and will apply their skills to realistic concepts of critical thinking. This intensive four-week summer program will combine reading, math, and science with hands-on activities as well as coding. Collaborative learning across subject areas will allow students and teachers to work together and have fun while learning. For residential students, the "Real Life...Real Skills" Camp will teach them skills such as: making simple meals, cleaning, doing their own laundry, and other valuable independent living skills. Again, while still having fun! Recreational activities include trips to Florida's notable theme parks and museums, and teaches students social, communication, and problem-solving skills that will help prepare them for the upcoming school-year and life beyond. A complete list of weekend/after school activities will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

The Vanguard School's Summer Camp is also a great way for new students to Vanguard, or students who are new to boarding school, to try us out and make new friends. It is also a great way for us to get to know upcoming new students even better before the start of the school year.

After a summer on our campus, your child will be ready for real life, with some real skills!

Fill out our online application or call our Admissions Office at (863) 676-6091 to learn more.

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