Graduation Requirements

The Vanguard School offers two options for high school diplomas: an Academic Diploma and a General Studies Diploma. Both diploma options are set up for students to complete in four years and require students to achieve 24 credits in specific academic areas.

Students who earn an Academic Diploma must demonstrate academic competency on a school administered individual or group achievement test (the Stanford 10) in reading comprehension and math computation. Students must achieve a cumulative 2.0 or better grade point average from 9th through 12th grades and attend classes within the guidelines of The Vanguard School attendance policy.

All students are required to have 75 community service hours. Earning community service hours may be started in 9th grade.

Florida Statutes mandate a specific amount of seat hours per student in a class in order to obtain credit. Students who obtain more than 15 absences (excused or unexcused) in a semester will not receive credit for that semester.

Academic Diploma

General Studies Diploma

Minimum Credit Requirements

Minimum Credit Requirements

4 English (Concentration in Composition & Literature)

4 English* (Concentration in Composition & Literature)

4 Mathematics (Algebra I or higher level and Geometry)

4 Mathematics

3 Science (including Biology and 2 laboratory


3 Science (including Biology and 2 laboratory


3 Social Studies (US & World History/Economics/US Government)

3 Social Studies (US & World History/Econ/US Government)

1 Health 1 Health
1 Practical/Performing/Fine Arts 1 Practical/Performing/Fine Arts
1 Physical Education 1 Physical Education
2 Foreign Language (Exempt students need 2 Academic Electives) 2 Reading Classes
6 Electives 6 Electives
24 Total Credits24 Total Credits

*Reading can receive one English credit towards General Studies Diploma.