January 12 | 11

A Note From the Principal

Happy New Year!

Good morning parents. I trust you all had a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year! We have had a busy few weeks at the Vanguard School. First of all, we want to welcome our new students to the Vanguard family for second semester. We also want to welcome our new teachers and staff members! We look forward to making all of them a part of our growing campus community.

Exams and Semester

Since we've been back from break, the students have been reviewing and taking exams. I know they've worked very hard to demonstrate what they've learned, and we are impressed. The semester ends today, and reports will be released by next Friday. Our carpentry class is finishing up their semester project birdhouses, and next semester we will have an added elective for dance taught by one of our new teachers. Those who have requested semester class changes will get them once report cards are uploaded. Unfortunately, some of our students have been unable to complete exams due to illness. Please be patient as we have to move our deadlines for the semester.

Sick Students

It's flu season, and Vanguard is not exempt. This week we've had many students at the doctor being treated for flu symptoms, sinus infections, bronchitis, and more. Our nursing staff and residential staff have done an amazing job taking care of the students and keeping them separate from the other students. They are ensuring the best care and attention to those affected, and everyone else is doing their best with prevention. We appreciate them so much! Unfortunately we even have staff members affected, so expect schedule changes over the next few days. All schools are hit hard at this time of year, but our students have even more opportunities to get sick with us being a boarding school.
Lynn University
Last week our students had the opportunity to visit Lynn University. Lynn is a private university in Boca Raton, and they offer some of the best student student services, small class sizes, and personal help of any universities we recommend. It one of the top schools we suggest for our students. Lynn University will be here for the college fair at Family Weekend.

Family Weekend

Family weekend is quickly approaching. Thank you to all of you who responded to the survey. Keep in mind that is how we schedule conferences, so if you want to meet with your students' teachers, fill out the survey. Mrs. Thomas will email you a schedule of conferences before the weekend. The Family Weekend Tentative schedule is displayed above. We look forward to a great weekend of getting to know you better and spending time with family. If you are unable to make the weekend, please don't worry. All the students will remain supervised on campus with activities and meals.

Vanguard School

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