Student Center Campaign

The Vanguard School has a great opportunity to create a space at the school for our students to encourage formal and informal community interactions and build meaningful relationships. Our Library/Media Center was dedicated in February 2002 and its primary function at that time was to provide a resource center where students could perform electronic and book research, where teachers could hold classes, and to provide individual study rooms for students. Since 2002 so much has changed including the way students study, prepare for their classes, and build social relationships and Vanguard wants to be able to not only keep up with these changes, but provide our students with the tools and resources needed to be successful.

The Harry Nelson Media/Student Center will be a multi-purpose facility providing both academic and social learning spaces

for our students. With a network of its own, the Student Center will be used to facilitate online learning classes, research, and computer lab access; while in the evenings it will provide spaces for collaboration game play, tutoring, and student socialization. This space will not

We are currently raising funds to help create this space. Our fundraising goal for this project is $50,000. The Vanguard School has been contacted by a generous donor who is willing to support us with a donation of $20,000 once we raise $30,000 of our goal.only preserve Harry Nelson’s legacy of academic learning, but it will truly meet the needs of today’s students in such a way as to continue the important work of learning beyond the classroom.

We hope that you will be able to support our efforts and make a donation to this worthwhile initiative.