2017-2018 Student Awards
Andrew Gormally

Athletic Awards

Cross Country Most Improved: Anthony Bruni

Cross Country MVP: Simon Khouri

Cross Country Coach's Award: Kevin Evia

Soccer Most Improved: Javon Feliciano

Soccer MVP: Chase Oliver

Soccer Coach's Award: Jevon Forbes

JV Basketball Most Improved: Jaidon Dabreo

JV Basketball MVP: Kalen Burgess

JV Basketball Coach's Award: Chase Oliver

Girls Volleyball Most Improved: Karisma Robinson

Girls Volleyball Coach's Award: Susan Chen

Golf MVP: Susan Chen

Girls Varsity Basketball Most Improved: Grace Jones

Girls Varsity Basketball Coach's Award: Audrey Pinckney

Boys Varsity Basketball Most Improved: Joshua O'Garro

Boys Varsity Basketball MVP: Stephen Knowles

Boys Varsity Basketball Coach's Award: Keena Robinson

Boys Track Most Improved: Ethan Segear

Boys Track MVP: Chase Oliver

Girls Track MVP: Liz Bonner

Track & Field Coach's Award: Terrell Harrigan

Tennis Most Improved: Chris Mather

Tennis MVP: Chase Oliver

Tennis Coach's Award: Kevin Evia

Archery MVP: Chase Oliver

Academic Athlete Underclassman: Anthony Bruni

Academic Athlete Senior: David Begic

Vanguard Athlete: Chase Oliver

Room Care Awards

Room Care Award West Dorm: Ali Fornes

Room Care Award Berry Hall: Anthony Bruni

Room Care Award Sabbagh Hall: Susan Chen

Room Care Award Boyd Hall: Helen Liu

Underclassman Academic Awards

Middle School Excellence Award: Grace Jones

Middle School Writer Award: JD Dabreo

Middle School Mathematician: Susan Chen

Middle School Science: Sydney Hooks

Middle School Social Studies: Briggs Fowler

Vanguard Writer: Kevin Maxime

Vanguard Reader: Audrey Pinckney

Middle School Reader: Adam Mifsud

Vanguard Mathematician: Lachlan Clark

Vanguard Historian: Cooper Brennan

Vanguard Online Learner: Cooper Brennan

Vanguard Scientist: Palmer Reddick

Vanguard Artist: Nirel Moultrie

Vanguard Actor: Elizabeth Bonner

Vanguard Musician: Jonah Waxman

Vanguard Production Assistant: Matthew Marinello

Vanguard Photojournalist: Isaiah King

Hardest Working Student: Terrell Harrigan

Vanguard Athlete: Shamori Palmer

Vanguard Middle School Athlete: Adam Mifsud

Perfect Attendance: Alli Byrd, Amanda Holthaus, Paul Xin

Honor Roll Entire Year:

A-B Honor Roll All Year

Dabreo, JD

Ebanks, Tyler

Frank, Brandon

Harrigan, Terrell

Jones, Grace

Koziarksi, Evan

Linn, Jacob

Maxime, Kevin

Mifsud, Adam

Mouchette, Azarea

Moultrie, Nirel

O'Garro, Josh

Rankin, Darrion

Saegar, Ethan

Yonkin, Henry

A Honor Roll

A Honor Roll All Year

Chen, Susan

Reddick, Palmer

Brennan, Cooper

Clark, Lachlan

Bruni, Anthony

Highest GPA per Grade:

9th Grade: Palmer Reddick

10th Grade: Lachlan Clark

11th Grade: Nirel Moultrie

Most Improved Student Award: Harrison Wells

Staff and Volunteer Awards

Residential Volunteer of the Year: Carolyn Peacock

School Volunteer of the Year: Howard Kay

Staff of the Year:

Residential Staff of the Year: Carol Marsh

Teacher of the Year: Ed Rauscher

Senior Awards

Persevering Panthers: Students who have been here since at least 9th grade

Eddie Collier

Ethan Hogan

Helen Liu

Brianna Walker

Honor Roll the Entire Year:

12th grade AB

Simon Khouri

Chase Oliver

12th grade A Honor Roll

David Begic

Helen Liu

Honor Graduates: 3.5 GPA and up- David Begic, Helen Liu

Vanguard Senior Writer: David Begic

Vanguard Senior Mathematician: Helen Liu

Vanguard Senior Scientist: Angel Jittan

Vanguard Senior Online Learner: Coody Moodie

Vanguard Senior PE Award: Simon Khouri

Vanguard Senior Actor: Cody Moodie

Vanguard Senior Musician: Ethan Hogan

Community Service Awards:

Collier, Eddie- 79 hours

Diaz, Alec- 124 hours

Hogan, Ethan- 84 hours

Khouri, Simon- 84 hours

Liu, Yishan- 114 hours

Robinson, Keena- 81 hours

VanGreiken, Dmitri- 92.5 hours

Begic, David- 169 hours

Oliver, Chase- 166.5 hours

Riverol, Miguel- 142 hours

Walker, Brianna- 135 hours

Evia, Kevin- 647 hours

Citizen of the Year: Kaheem Malone

Most Improved Student: Eddie Collier

Salutatorian: David Begic

Valedictorian: Helen Liu

President's Award: Yishan Helen Liu