Hurricane Irma Update 9/8
Andrew Gormally

Dear Parents;

I want to give you a brief update on what is happening at Vanguard in relation to Hurricane Irma. First, I want you to know that the safety of your child, our staff and support personnel is our priority.

As of today, we have 29 students who are staying at Vanguard during the hurricane. We are moving all students into one dorm - Berry Hall. The two girls will be in a private room that has its own bathroom facilities. No boys will be allowed in their room. Students will be supervised at all times.
This move will happen tomorrow evening. Everyone will stay in Berry until the storm has passed and is safe to go outside. All meals will be served in the dorm along with fresh water and snacks. We are involving the kids in filling sand bags, which will be placed at all entrances. Our concern is about flooding and if this should happen we will move everyone to the second floor. During the storm we are turning off the internet system but this will not prevent you from contacting your child by cell phone, as long as the cell towers are working. As soon as the storm passes we will turn the system back on.

If you are not able to call your child you can call the following numbers:
863-712-4612 (Harold Maready) Head of School
863-667-6119 (Albert Alexander) Director of Residential Life
863-221-8501 (Marya Marcum Jones) Principal
863-605-0085 (Carol Marsh) Activities Director
407-619-9553 (Randy Trammell) Campus Supervisor

All of us will be staying in the dorm with the kids during the storm.
We are very fortunate to have such dedicated staff.

It is our plan to give you updates every 4 hours or as needed. We have created a special contact group so we can do this.

If there is any emergency you will be contacted immediately.

If you have any questions please let me know by email.

Harold Maready, Ed.S.
Head of School
The Vanguard School
22000 Hwy 27 Lake Wales, FL 33859