Message From The Head Of School: Hurricane Irma
Andrew Gormally
Dear Families;

Good morning, I know we are all anxious about Hurricane Irma and where it is going. We have been actively planning for Irma for the past week. Until we know for sure the direction, we feel the best Irma defense is preparation. Tropical force winds will be felt across Florida so we have stocked up on water, nonperishable food, and medicines. We are in the process of securing our campus of all potential debris. We are constantly monitoring the latest updates on Irma and will be sending out daily information to all of our parents. Our goal is to keep you informed about the school and your children. The best defense we have is to be prepared.

Hurricane Readiness Plan (will be updated as we received more information):

• Making sure our generator works and has plenty of fuel.
• In case of flooding, we will place pallets in our walkways and use sand bags if necessary.
• Our food service program has ordered nonperishables.
• If power goes out, food in the cooler will be cooked first.
• Food will be delivered to the dorms when weather permits.
• We will have additional staff on campus including administrators.
• We have our own water supply but should it go out, we have bottled water as back up along with water coolers.
• Medication will be administered in the dorms.
• All boys will be housed in Berry Hall and the girls in Sabbagh Hall – if storm is imminent.
• Our maintenance crew will be on campus.
• Should our phone system go down, you may call the following phone numbers and a staff member will answer:
o 863-712-4612
o 863-667-6119
o 863-221-8501
o 863-589-2178
• If any emergency occurs with your child, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Day students will not be allowed on campus when the school is closed. Please follow the Polk County School Board Closing updates.

• You should start making arrangements for your child to leave now.
• Transportation will be provided to either Orlando or Tampa Airport until Friday, Sept. 8th.
• Contact Mr. Alexander at 863-667-6119.

All school work will be made up when your child returns.

We Are Vanguard!

Mr. Harold Maready, Ed.S.
Head of School