The Vanguard School Hosts Adopt-A-Family
Andrew Gormally

For The Vanguard School giving and helping others is what the holiday season is all about. So it was no surprise that The Vanguard School partnered with the Lake Wales Care Center to adopt a local family from the area to help them have the best holiday possible.

"It can be a very difficult time for a family that can't provide for their family around the holidays," Ms. Carol Marsh said, while organizing donations for The Vanguard School Adopt-A-Family. "Luckily we have an incredibly caring faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees to make sure one local family can have the best Christmas ever," Ms. Marsh said.

A beautiful feast prepared by the campus dining staff, was spread out on one long table Thursday, amid a mountain of boxes overflowing with wrapped gifts under a beautifully decorated tree.

"Donors from our Vanguard Family came through with large and small contributions, so we were able to take care of everyone in the family," said Head of School Mr. Maready.

After reviewing numerous applications, the Rodriguez family was selected. Roberto Sr., Stacey, Roberto Jr., Anjoulie, Raphael, and Ayden are originally from New Jersey, but have lived in Lake Wales for nine years.

Among custom Vanguard hoodies and season tickets to all of the home basketball games, the family received a massive table of donated food so they can have their own Holiday Feast. The Vanguard family also provided clothing, toys and other household items for the family.

Mr. Randy Trammell led the gift giving ceremony dressed in his classic Santa Claus outfit.

For more information on The Vanguard Schools partnership with the Lake Wales Cares or for future donations please contact Ms. Carol Marsh.