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Where can I see my child's weekday and weekend activities?

You can see all school calendars, including the Athletic Schedule, Events, Master Calendar, Bell Schedule, and Weekend Activities by clicking School Calendar under the Parent Link tab or by clicking here.

What is the dress code for The Vanguard School?

There are strict dress code policies in place at The Vanguard School. You may read about them, in detail, by clicking here.

Where can I order uniforms?

You can order uniforms by calling the school at (863) 676-6091 ext. 1100.

What are prepaid trips? How can my child participate?

The Activity Department of The Vanguard School offers several trips/activities for students on a prepaid basis. These are trips that require the advance purchase of tickets and/or reservations, and are NONREFUNDABLE if a student decides not to participate. You can find the list of prepaid trips by clicking here.

Questions regarding prepaid trips may be directed to Carol Marsh, Activities Director, at 863-605-0085.

Who do I speak with about absences if my child is sick? What is the procedure?

If your child is going to be absent from school, please contact Mrs. Sandra Thomas, the school secretary, to give notice. You may contact her by calling: (863) 676-6091 or by e-mail:

My child is a Day Student, can they participate in school activities?

Yes. Day Students are allowed to participate in school activities and prepaid trips.

What about airport transportation for arriving boarders?

Transportation to and from the airport is provided on travel days.

When can boarders move in?

Once they have been accepted and all necessary steps have been taken through The Admissions Office, the Admissions Team will then take the student to their dormitory and the move in will begin.

When is summer camp? Where can I find more information?

Our summer camp is academic and STEM based with coding and robotics courses that are integrated throughout. If you would like more information, please click on the Summer Camp tab under Parent Links or click here.

Is there supervision after school?

Yes. Students at The Vanguard School thrive on structure. Therefore, we take every measure possible to provide structure within and outside the classroom. After class, there are a multitude of different clubs, activities, and sports that are offered. Students must participate in at least three. We also have on-site residential staff that provide 24/7 care.

What about technology inside the classroom (i.e. iPads)?

We have moved our classrooms into the 21st century. We pride ourselves on giving every child the best academic experience possible. This is inclusive of innovative teaching strategies. Every classroom has a smart TV and each teacher has an iPad in which they can instruct from. Along with this, we offer courses in graphic design, coding, and digital media. We believe technological advancement is the future and we do our utmost to ensure our students are prepared.