Welcoming New and Returning Students

by: Andrew Gormally

44 new students are enrolled at The Vanguard School of Lake Wales, a 61 percent increase from last years class. The Vanguard School of Lake Wales also has seen increases in retention over the past years. Faculty and an outstanding Admissions team are using social media and text messaging to connect with eligible students, and help them overcome roadblocks so they can return to school.

The Vanguard School plays an important role by filling a gap in the education system: specialized in educating students with a variety of learning differences; in an environment that acknowledges their differences, celebrates their strengths, and supports them in overcoming their challenges.

The Vanguard School prepares students for higher educational opportunities and independent life.

With rolling admissions, we have successfully enrolled 102 students into grades ranging from 6th-12th.

We are so proud of our students, our teachers, the Admissions Team and all of YOU for helping us make this possible!

We Are Vanguard!