The Vanguard School Home

COVID-19 Update

In regards to the order from the Governor of Florida, as well as the United State’s Declaration of National Emergency, the Vanguard School will be closed beginning, March 16, 2020, until at least April 20, 2020, to help safeguard our students and staff. Our scheduled Spring Break will take place 21st-29th, and online learning will resume on March 30th through Google Classroom.  Any updates on be posted here on or before April 15th and sent directly to our students, parents, staff, and faculty to assist with planning for the continued spring semester. Thank you to everyone contributing efforts in safeguarding our community near and afar.


Vanguard Facts

  • 8:1 Student Teacher Ratio
  • 77 Acre Campus
  • 60% 7 Day Boarders
  • 25% International Students
  • 17 Sports, Clubs, Committees
  • 10% 5 Day Boarders
  • 30% Day Students